Living a True Christian life

What do I mean when I say it’s all about Living a True Christian life? When we accept Jesus into our lives, we have made a commitment. We are committing to being a Christian. The word ‘being’ indicates an active life, it is not passive. In order to truly understand what that means, I personally believe it means the following.

Living a True Christian Life

We have a faith in Jesus Christ:
Central to Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior. Living a Christian life involves having a personal relationship with Jesus, accepting His sacrifice for forgiveness of sins, and striving to follow His teachings.

Love and Compassion:
As Christians we are called to love God, themselves, and our neighbors. This involves showing compassion, kindness, and empathy to others, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Regular communication with God through prayer helps us deepen our relationship with God and seek guidance in our lives.

Morality and Ethics:
 A true Christian life is marked by ethical behavior and moral values. This includes honesty, integrity, humility, and striving to live in a way that aligns with the teachings of Jesus.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation:
As Christians we are encouraged to forgive others, just as we have been forgiven by God. Reconciliation and the restoration of relationships are important aspects of Christian life.

Service and Generosity:
As Christians we are called to serve others and be generous with our time, talents, and resources. This could involve volunteering, helping the less fortunate, and contributing to the well-being of our communities.

Resisting Temptation and Sin:
We understand that no one is perfect, As Christians we are encouraged to resist temptation and turn away from sinful behavior, seeking forgiveness when we fall short.

Discipleship and Growth:
A true Christian life involves ongoing personal and spiritual growth. This includes learning, seeking understanding, and allowing oneself to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Sharing the Gospel:
As Christians we must spread the message of Jesus Christ to others. This can be done through personal interactions, conversations, and leading a life that reflects the teachings of Christ.