“For we ought not to be contentious;
neither has he (Christ) desired us to be imitators of wicked men,
but he exhorted us to lead all men by patience and gentleness,
from shame and the love of evil.”
Justin Martyr ‘Apologies’ c. 155

I have heard more people ask the question is Christianity in retreat? According to many Christianity is apparently disappearing from the planet. While it is true that in much of the “Western” world fewer people are identifying as Christians, globally Christianity is flourishing. The Western problem seems to be that Western Christians have forgotten what it means to be a Christian.

Many people today have no idea of what it means to be a Christian. They have no idea of how the church grew, thrived, and spread over the world. The posts I will include here will discuss those issues. I am an historian, and I believe that it’s only when Christians reclaim their place as disciples of Jesus that we can help others. Christianity always has issues when it forgets the main goals and tries to be something it’s not.

Jesus came not to rule the world, but to change the world. The articles I will post will show exactly how that took place. Thank you for joining me and God Bless

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