A Fresh Start: Embrace the Unknown: A Spiritual Guide to Preparing for Life’s Challenges

These messages are designed to help, especially in the face of the unknown. When something unexpected takes place and we’re not prepared for it, we often don’t know how to react to it. Theoretically that’s why Americans love insurance so much, it gives us that feeling of security. But what about when what we unexpectedly encounter is spiritual or emotional? While, if we are ill, we might have medical insurance to help pay for it, but how do we pay the emotional bill? What about those times when we suddenly lose a loved one? Is there insurance for those times? At one time or another, almost everyone has a need for a shoulder to lean on, someone or something they can depend on. The thoughts contained within this book are designed to give the listener emotional and spiritual insurance.

I talk about what to do when we’re worried about tomorrow. What about all the angry people who are out there today? Are we suddenly finding obstacles in your path? Beginning to feel burned out? So much is going on that we’re feeling overwhelmed. If we do get overwhelmed, how can we stop from getting discouraged? Finally, I talk about what to do when we’re so frustrated that we want to go into a rage.

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